Ready for Day 3 in Sydney

151212_A8RD3_SAP Extreme_TS23541

It’s the second last day of the series and Act 8 in Sydney.

A glance at the weather forecast also predicts a somewhat ‘normal’ day on the battlefield with 10-18 knot, gusting 15-25 knots. Partly sunny skies in the afternoon will make picture perfect conditions. So, back to full fleet race again…

Rasmus Køstner tactician and co-skipper: “Day 2 was out of the ordinary and today we will see a more typical race day. But we do sense an increased tension among all teams, since there’s only today and tomorrow left to improve at the standings”. 

Rasmus goes on, “It’s like everybody’s looking at each waiting to take the first step into dog fighting. It is our assessment that it is still too early to do that, but at the same time, if the opponents start getting after us, then we will have to take measures accordingly. Kind of a waiting game right now…”.

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