A breath of fresh air


From one end of the wind range to another. Day 3 in Act 7 was a dramatic one and SAP Extreme Sailing Team was the 2nd best of the day.

The team is now in 5th place on the leaderboard and todays placings was a significant improvement of the previous two days of performance. And not even in hindsight, that’s what was anticipated when the weather forecast said breeze was picking up. And it sure did; Going from light fickle winds in the 6 knot range on day one and two to gusts in the 27 knot area today, the team went on the water with a fresh mindset knowing that the conditions were much more preferred than the light and tricky weather.


It will somehow be an understatement to say it was a hefty task for the fleet to hang on and the leading boat Alinghi passed the 35 knots mark in a power reach at one point. Even pros can can look tested in these conditions and with the great variations of lull and gusts on the race course, it was easy for all teams to get out of balance and a lot of spray, nose dive and wheelies were seen all around the course today. Fortunately there were no serious damages, though one team member twisted a knee seriously, two men fell overboard and one Port/ Starboard incident left SP-Visit Madeira with a huge hole in the hull and left for the day with three DNF’s. So, just another day at the office.

One thing stands out from todays performance, SAP Extreme Sailing Team were the fastest boat upwind showing steady balance and good maneuvers.


Tactician Rasmus Køstner was quite satisfied with todays efforts: “we were excited about the conditions today and also the results. It was really a great boost for the team to get out there and put good points in the bank”. Todays races started with reaching starts and the team had its ups and downs at the first offset mark, but kept passing through the races to get the placings 3, 3, 3, 4, 4, and 1 which just states the level of the team in these conditions. The team coach, Michael Hestbæk, commented on the starts: “The previous days of starting was somehow different from today. all teams had both good and bad starts since positioning at the starting line can have a very random output at the first mark because the wind angles are so important to get right and with puffs varying up to 20 degrees, nobody can be sure of their fate when locking up the starting position one minute before the gun”.

SAP Extreme sailing Team is at 5th place before going into the fins day 4 of racing ending with the double point medal race.

Watch the racing live here and check out the crazy numbers of speed at SAP analytics here.