All cylinders at work in Oman

After two days of racing and 9 races completed, the team is now at 2nd place so far.

Considering the many question marks all teams had going into this regatta, it is fair to say that the present position is a very satisfactory outcome for the team, so far. Not to say that all things work smoothly and all races are completed like a stroll in the park, because there are definitely things to work on. But done is done and so far, the scoreboard doesn’t lie.

First 5 races were completed in breezy conditions with 12-18 knots of breeze, foiling in the 25 knot range.

160315 Muscat A1D0-22221

Helmsman, Jes Gram-Hansen gave his immediate take after day 1:

“We sailed pretty good and had great pace with solid crew work as well, especially with good input from PG (Pierluigi, ed.) supplying with solid foiling experience from his time with Luna Rossa. We also hit the starting lines fairly good in most starts. Downwind speed is particularly satisfactory at such an early stage in the series”.

The team kept being at top 4 all day 1 and Jes and the team do not rest on any laurels:

“We are also getting a pretty good picture of the various teams advantages and disadvantages, but again, all teams have steep learning curves and the picture can easily change, which we somehow expect and that will keep us on the toes all the time. That little ‘golden’ improvement can translate to many – even decisive – meters” and everybody’s in the hunt”.

160315 Muscat A1D0-22135

Day 2 was much more light and even dramatic.

A penalty inflicted in race 9 caused the team to drop positions and gave the team the least points scored of any races in the Act 1. Fortunately the team performed well compared to the fleet and successfully kept the 2nd place on the scoreboard.

160315 Muscat A1D0-10093

Cleanse off, packing, stacking and off to dinner, debrief and a well deserved rest.


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