Back in the groove


As the penultimate day of the act and the 2016 series progressed it was clear that SAP Sailing Team had clawed back from the pithole from day 2 and refound the rhythm.

With more stable conditions in the 14-20 knot range and wind deviations around 10 degrees to each side of the average direction, the race course was a little more clam and the fleet was back to chasing margins again, rather than having the wild rodeo rides from the previous days.

“And what a difference a day makes” said Rasmus Køstner right after the last race. “We just felt right again and day 2 was just a nightmare and day 3 was just back, being awake”. Every racing yachtsman can relate to those frustrations and can happen to even elite sailors, if there is any comfort in that.


And SAP Extreme Sailing Team climbing back to the 4th place overall feels better not to say the least how, with placings of 2, 7, 4, 2, 4, 5, 2, 2 being third best on the day. On top, leading the fleet at times showed everybody that the team present a real challenge to the podium. Another page turner of the day was the performance of Red Bull with three bullets, surpassing Oman Air on the acts leaderboard. The whole 2016 series podium positions can be decided on the the last day. Typical!


It was also a more calm – maybe even relieved – helmsman, Jes Gram-Hansen that had this take on todays events: “We felt much more relaxed and less jumpy on decisions and that felt better and went better. I was a little less aggressive in the starts and we were more calm on the decision making, mainly due to the conditions being less random“.

The team coach, Michael Hestbæk had his view on the events the past days: “Today the race course was wide enough to offer more mature decisions, so immediate actions was not as demanded today than yesterday. That gave the guys more room and time to make better decisions and it obviously paid off”.

The last day of racing will take place tomorrow, Sunday. Follow the racing live on the official website keep track of the points here. For the in-depth spectator, don’t forget to get your numbers right with SAP Sailing Analytics here.