Committed & Confident

Another blistering day in Oman Muscat for the SAP Extreme Sailing Team as they headed out for official practice race day. They kicked off this morning’s activities with the announcement that Peter Wibroe will continue in his role as the trimmer for the full season going forward.

The searing heat has not detracted the team from carefully matching their prep time, team strategy and planning to the local conditions resulting in their readiness for this next act and committing to Peter’s position for the rest of the season.

Peter is delighted to see that the intense training, analysis of performance and quick strong formation of the crew is reaping the rewards and as a result earned his placement with the team going forward.

Speaking today Wibroe said:

“It is fantastic to be included in the team for the Extreme Sailing Series 2014, with two members joining a high performance team with such limited bedding down period I’m thrilled that we have so quickly found our form. From the moment I first trained with the guys in January I felt quite committed and wanted to earn my place in the team. Singapore was really challenging as the first event but we want to see results now. The pressure is on for us to make sure we re establish our form on the first day of racing tomorrow. But I’m feeling confident and committed.”

The SAP Extreme Sailing Team currently lie in 10th place overall and are determined to keep the pressure on to restore the old order on the leader board during the racing in Oman this week.