Day 2: It’s a mine field!

Day 2 in Act 2 has been wrapped up and the key word of the day is ‘scarcity’ – of wind.
Overall, Alinghi is showing off a powerfull display, leading the scoreboard with 61 points and SAP Extreme Sailing Team at the 7th place overall at 42 points after a total of 6 races.
There is a sense that the team can still reach the podium overall in Act 2, but the deficit to the leaders seem somewhat challenging should the prevailing conditions continue. But as these conditions prove, there is so much to gain in short time as there is to loose. So the fight is still very much on…
SAP Extreme Sailing Team - Muscat Oman 2016 - 029
This is indeed a frustrating set of results, since the team – according to SAP Analytics –  is the best of the day both starting and reaching 1st mark. Still translating these good performances to somewhat mediocre end results, is somewhat frustrating since racing in these conditions is like walking through a mine field unprotected and where the mines are moving at the same time.  The wind is coming down the race course in very unpredictable patterns with some very serious consequences. Not easy easy times being in charge of tactics.
Rasmus Køstner, tactician: “The wind is hurling right above us, but it doesn’t really come down to the surface. So essentially the forecasts are predicting winds way above us and the race course is dominated by ‘leftovers’.
Mads Emil Lübeck Stephensen, Floater: “We are certainly not the luckiest bunch in the fleet right now. It is very difficult when being ahead and reaching the shore and getting a gybe in these light conditions; You simply get rolled over from behind because you come to a halt and wind angles are so narrow. It has a great impact on overall tactical decisions as well”.
Day 3 will continue Sunday and the forecast is basically the same; Partly cloudy, southerly winds in the range of 14-16 knots with gusts in the 25 knots range; A forecast sounding like the previous days and that not really come to surface of the Fushan Bay the past couple of days, predominantly exposed to a much lighter state.
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