Day 3: Much better!

There’s a thin line between frustration and relief and todays races on Day 3 of Act 2 proved exactly that.

SAP Extreme Sailing Team finally showed the fleet that it has been no coincidence they were the boat to chase after the 1st mark. The past days have evolved with unpredictable and weak wind patterns and the team have experienced som unfortunate downturns on the scoreboard. But today it seemed to have turned away and the team even put up a 1st and a 2nd place, sharing 4th place with two other at an equal 99 points. Alinghi still tops the leaderboard at 119 points followed by Oman Air at 115. Check out results here.

160429 SAP Extreme_Qingdao_ts14466_LR

As we have seen so many times in these Acts, it all boils down to the last day of racing.

Jes Gram-Hansen, helmsman: “We were leading quite a few races today but it’s so difficult when you have light breeze at the gate and the whole fleet is coming at you with pace from behind. We have simply kept our composure and kept believing in what we do and today, it payed off”.

160429 SAP Extreme_Qingdao_ts14665_LR

Throughout the event the weather forecast have been off and left the fleet in quite different conditions than predicted and for Rasmus Køstner that has been quite a challenge:

“The windows of tactical opportunity are so narrow in these dull conditions and the past days we have seen our leads evaporate time after time and even to a point where we saw ourselves go from first to last place in a minute. That’s gut wrenching and we went through SAP Analytics and videos last night with Coach Hestbæk in order to get clues on where to get to a tipping point and turn the tides. Marginally there were improvements to find and I guess they may have done the trick today”, says Rasmus.

Day 4 and the final racing will take place Monday and follow the racing from