Day 4: Not light, nor easy!

Act 2 in Qingdao, China, has been wrapped up with the finish of the medal race just hours ago.

Congratulations to Alinghi for taking the top of the podium overall after 18 races. Team SAP Extreme Sailing ended the Act at 6th place at equal points with Sail Portugal 10 points shy of the podium. This is how close the teams are after 18 races and very small margins are the difference between top and bottom in this fleet. Considering the very difficult conditions that has prevailed the past 4 days, and the very broad range of placings each teams have had, it is truly remarkable that most overall positions are still determined in the last medal race.

160429 SAP Extreme_Qingdao_ts15093_LR

The immediate reaction, after coming back to the moorings, from the helmsman Jes Gram-Hansen was: “We are obviously not happy with the result itself, but we actually feel quite satisfied with what we do. It’s just that notorious margin, that just didn’t fall to our side at crucial times in this event and that is just how it is, however annoying that may feel. But in all fairness, it has not been easy for any of the teams”.

160429 SAP Extreme_Qingdao_ts15127_LR

The team have showed some really good performances throughout the Act 2 by leading in 7 out of the 18 races and have had some of the best starts of the fleet, but the tricky and patchy wind patterns of Fushan Bay have changed that considerably on many occasions and Jes continued: “I am really proud of the teams performance overall. We do really good starts, have great speed and super maneuvering and the guys kept their composure and fighting spirit all the way, even at times when we felt a little unlucky, they just kept grinding at the max”.

160429 SAP Extreme_Qingdao_ts15070_LR

The next couple of days will leave some time for the team to reflect on the past hectic days and evaluate performances with both SAP Analytics, the coach and within the crew. A quarter through the Extreme Sailing Series the team is now placed at 5th overall. We will get back with more in-depth stories on the teams performance i Qingdao.

Stay tuned.

Extreme Sailing Series™ 2016 overall standings
Position / Team / Points

1st Oman Air (OMA) 23 points.
2nd Alinghi (SUI) 21 points.
3rd Red Bull Sailing Team (AUT) 21 points.
4th Land Rover BAR Academy (GBR) 19 points.
5th SAP Extreme Sailing Team (DEN) 15 points.
6th Sail Portugal (POR) 13 points.
7th One (CHN) 13 points.
8th Team Turx (TUR) 11 points.