Ending on a high note


2016 Extreme Sailing Series got a new king, bringing this years series to an end. Congratulations to Alighi!

It was all about Oman Air and Alighi with dark horse Red Bull trailing for the podium finishes, but the year has been dominated by Oman and Alinghi and the two adversaries were basically back and neck going into the final day of racing. How close can you get after more than 140 races in 8 different venues over a period of 8 months? In that light, the series itself won and a huge credit to the format that once again have proved its worth for millions of spectators around the world.


For SAP Extreme Sailing Team, it has been a year of ups and downs – like any opera – and on the wish list for the Act 8 in Sydney was finishing off with a great performance. That came true on day 4, the last day of the year. With an almost dominant performance the last day the team was best of the day, advanced to 2nd place overall of the act and ‘the race to the crane’ was won (in sailors terms; The comfort win when you do not win the regatta but at least the last race).


With placings of 4, 1, 2, 2, 1, 2, 2 and 1st (counting double) the crew dominated the fleet today and solidified the upward trend of improvements that sometimes couldn’t be seen on the scoreboards throughout the year. What a way of hammering that fact down on the last day of the last race of the year. Congratulations to the team as well for a great performance.


We will follow up with comments and interviews with the crew later.

For now, The series have a new king and SAP Extreme Sailing Team ended with the best performance on the last day.

Results here.