First bullet on the board

On a day with mixed results, the team – on a positive note – consolidated their overall third place on the scoreboard and managed to pull off the first bullet of the Act 4.

Today the fleet was split in two: Oman Air and Alinghi and the rest. Yesterdays runner up Red Bull fell down to 5th and swapped position with Alinghi, that had a teriffic day, ending the day in 2nd place. The points differential have been expanded a bit between the first 5 teams but as usual, there’s no room for errors without consequences on the scoreboard. Watch the results of Act 4 in Hamburg here.


Todays conditions was very similar from yesterdays, just a notch up in Wind speed and the flet was fully foiling in excess speeds of 25 knots. Take into account, that the venue is tricky to sail in and very narrow, so the crew is pushed physically to the limits in a very stressful way.

“Today was a fantastic day for sailing here in Hamburg and the boats showed their full potential in a venue which is very tricky”, commented helmsman Jes Gram-Hansen. “It’s very hard for the team on board, not so much for me as the driver, but for the rest of the crew this is a real physical test.

“On a day like today where we are all racing out of our comfort zone at times, they (Oman Air and Alinghi) are probably able to stay in that zone a little longer than the rest of us. Nobody else could really match them today.”


The coach, Michael Hestbæk also had his take on todays action: “The fleet was basically stressed and there was a lot of hectic dispositions – good and bad – that made the fleet shuffle all the time. Oman And Alinghi on the other hand kept grinding, cool, calm and collected. They just seemed to find an extra gear in the middle of the combat zone”.


The last and 4th race day of Act 4 in Hamburg will once Again boil down to a nail biter. Don’t miss it; Watch it live right here!