High pressure at Madeira


Day 2 in the Extreme Sailing Series Act 6 tripled the action compared to day 1, but only 3 races was put on the scoreboard due to very light winds.

The top 4 teams – yes, the usual suspects – are at top only separated by a couple of points and halfway through the series, only 4 races are put into account. No blame but the weather. A high pressure starting from The Azores passed by both yesterday and today leaving the fleet in the crumbs of leftovers and that counted for winds in below 4 knots. Nevertheless, 3 races was completed and SAP Extreme sailing Team managed to nail a top spot in Race 3 leaving the team at 4th place for the moment.


Tomorrow will present more normal conditions and since the high pressure front has passed, its time for the fleet to unravel their potential in front of the crowds at the shores of Funchal Marina.

Conditions like todays are painful to all crews; Patience, combined with little action and a feeling of helplessness can can overcome even the most hardened tacticians since decisions cannot be undone however much you like. You have to stick to your past strategy in order to win the future and sometimes it just doesn’t go the way you expected. A lot of bullets were bitten today on this account.


Jes Gram-Hansen was pretty much in tune with the randomness in play: “I think we were pretty OK today, though this kind of weather has its frustrations, but this is the game board we are playing at and it doesn’t keep me up tonight. Starts are important because wind shadows are very long in these conditions, but otherwise it is a mind game of both getting puffs right and keeping the patience”.

Tomorrows races start at 2:00 PM local time (Berlin +2) and be there to watch us live