“It was ugly, but we got there”

151213_SAP Extreme_ts24135

Tactician and co-skipper, Rasmus Køstner was jubilant, relieved and very excited.

But it held hard all day and events didn’t really turn into the teams favor: “We had problems with the traveller in the start, then we didn’t get to sail our way and our margin to nearest rival Red Bull just kept crumbling”, says Rasmus Køstner.

With a 2 point lead going into the last decisive race, it was going to be a ‘do-or-die’ race determining the outcome of a whole years efforts.

Rasmus continues: “We actually got Red Bull squeezed pretty OK in the start and then disaster struck when Gazprom collided with us, hit the rudder, breaking it off! We had to retire and we were all thinking ‘We have lost it all’. But the jury awarded us enough points in redress allowing us right in front of Red Bull in the Act 8, consolidating our 2nd place overall”.

What a drama. But what a lot of champagne anyway, though…