Keep Focus on the good

On this coming Thursday, July 28th, Act 4 of the Extreme Sailing Series will get in full action on River Elbe in Hamburg, right in the middle of the Harbour.

This is a revisit from last year and the team is quite familiar in many ways with the venue and it brings back both memories of a podium finish, but also a dramatic – spectacular, if you choose – capsize with the Extreme 40 catamaran that caught everybodys attention. Act 4 will also conclude 1st half of the whole series and Sunday will be kind of a mile stone for many teams to reflect and adjust strategy, depending on where you are at the scoreboard.

The race course i tricky in many ways; Both the wind can be very unpredictable in angle due to abrubted flow and disturbance from the surrounding buildings, but also in speed. This creates an extra challenge to the crews and was one of the main reasons causing last years capsize. The level of unpredictabilitiy and challenges has indeed increased now launching the GC32 foiling cats to this venue with an even more demanding vessel than the retired Extreme 40’s.

untitled shoot-28565

Jes Gram-Hansen, helmsman: ”Hamburg is relatively new at the series and therefore no team has an upper hand at the experience part of this venue. We have even seen it upside down (ed. Jes shout out in laughter), but I don’t think that will be of any use the coming days. We are going to focus on our basics; Good speed, timing, great maneuvers and 100% concentration. The rest will come in situational decisions, which are founded in our experience and constant post-race analysis”.

If timing is everything, being at the right place counts just as much.

Rasmus Køstner, tactician: ”Of course, we will game plan according to our strengths and the weather forecast, but the venue is so tricky – depending on the wind direction – that we may have to abort a game plan very quickly and adapt in split seconds. That can only be done when you have confidence in your teams ability to readjust and keep pushing. Let’s see what the weather brings us….”


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