Keeping up with HIGH5



In an outdoor sport like sailing, the cold temperatures and less sunlight in the nordic winter, naturally restricts the specific training on the water.

Tactician Rasmus Køstner shares his experiences with training and rehab scheme in close collaboration with HIGH5 nutrion.

“After a long season with a busy racing shedrule there is nothing better than getting back into the structured gym regime. First of all to gain back some of the lost muscle mass that is so hard to maintain while racing every second or third week. Secondly to avoid common injuries to shoulder and lower back when the next season starts.

For me the daily training consists of weight training, crossfit workouts as well as core and mobility sessions.


The weight training is targeting the muscle mass increase, with heavy deadlift, squat, clean, push press and pull ups. I record my training and found that a 4-6 week program with 6×6 repetitions and a 2,5% increase every week works well for me. I always start my training with a plan, but appreciate more and more to mix it up and go for a 1 Rep Max or as many repetitions with a fixed weight, if I feel for it.

The benefits of constant variation in the physical training has become more and more obvious for me. Nothing beats the crossfit training in terms of variation and  challenging weak areas of your general fitness. It fits so well with training for the divers physical demands in high performance sailing with fast unbalanced movements, heavy pulls and cardio demanding grinding on the winch. The crossfit workouts are fun when you are a group pushing each other, which is the key to high intensity and quality in the workouts.




Since everybody have a favorit workout either if you are tall, heavy or lean there is alway someone pushing you. At the same time you know if you do well one day, you might get beaten the next.

At Crossfit Kvadraturen we use a web based performance platform called “Beyond the Whiteboard”, there you can analyse and compare our own performance to thousand athletes around the world. It is a great how technology can help you to stay motivated and push harder in your training and to be able to see the progress you make.

For mobility  training I do the daily routine at the streaming service, ROMWOD.



To get through the uncomfortable 20 minutes of stretching I need instructions and motivating words. After intens physical training and to get rid of muscle soreness I use a foam roller and a dimple ball which makes wonders. Other than that I just make sure I get enough sleep and eat heathy. In the winter season I stay hydrated with the High5 ZERO electrolyte tabs because I believe it is important to get electrolytes without boosting the insulin levels with sugar.  After the training session and in the morning I get a Protein Recovery shake to make sure the energy in the muscles gets restored as quick as possible”.

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