Keynote at key digital event


No doubt, there are numerous spin-offs from handling a foiling racing machine at 30 knots and handling the digital information gathered in the process.

The participants at the upcoming Business conference “GOTO Accelerate 2016” – purposely blending a careful mix of thought leadership, business consultancy and real-life experiences – will have the pleasure of getting helmsman Jes Gram-Hansen’s firsthand experiences with Team SAP Extreme Sailing Team and their handling of digital information along with their partner and sponsor SAP.


GOTO Accelerate is a conference for business people responsible for leading corporate growth; IT strategists and decision makers responsible for facilitating corporate growth; and all those interested in enabling digital transformation. GOTO Accelerate is a peer-to-peer networking event, enabling participants to meet with leading business thought-leaders and process innovators, together with people that have either travelled the transformation journey or are about to embark upon it.

“I am honored to be invited as a keynote speaker in such a forum packed with executives and IT people in one place. We can tell many anecdotes about the handling of digital information on our platform and the everyday results and benefit we get from the processing of information via our SAP tools, and I hope that the crowd will get an insight to how the notorious “Devil-in-the-detail” is not just found on the waters, but also in the data analysis”, says Jes Gram-Hansen.

The conference will take place in London on November 17th 2016. Read more about the conference here and more about SAP and SAP Sailing Analytics here.