Light and tight start of Act 4

Running tide and fickle Winds was on the menu to open up Act 4 on the river Elbe in the middle of Hamburg.

Only two races were completed before the tide had the upper hand on the fleet and the race committee called it a day. SAP Extreme Sailing Team is in 4th after two races but three of the first 4 teams are separated by a single point and first race started in front and the second race got messy due to a start where an office building had another interpretation of how to handle the puffs and the team got stuck in a lull and drifted with the tide. No need to feel embarrased since fleet leader Oman did even the same and was carried right into a quay collision (with 1 knot speed) by the tide.

Rasmus Køstner was pretty calm afterwards: “That was a really light and tricky one today and RC (ed. Race Committee) did a good job of cancelling. The tide took over and the fleet was like a turtle upside Down…”

Though the day could have looked forgettable, the team recognized similar patterns of  Wind and tide from last year and that is a comfortable way off tugging in for the night.

Fridays forecast will be a good day for racing and a great day for the spectators. Watch live at