Lots of good and one bad

What appeared to be a solid run for the 2nd place in the middle of race day 4 turned out to be a gut wrenching downturn in the very last race and very costly in the overall result. 
Leading the last race – counting double points – the team rounded a gate mark wrongly in the understanding of what was supposed to be a strike for the finish line, they actually still needed a lap. When realising the mistake, it was all over.
160315 Muscat A1D0-22133
Being in 2nd place for most of the 4 days and being the 2nd best team to take bullets, this was somehow a most cruel way to lose the podium place. But this is just the plain reality of pro racing and it hit like a hammer. Needless to say the whole team was devastated and Act 2 seems far away, when the only thing you ca think of is redemption…
Despite the result, there are many positive takes from Act 1. Before the races nobody really knew the power rankings of the fleet and the strengths and weaknesses of the teams and now everybody has a fair idea of where the bigger improvements lie.
1602 Dubai-SAP Extreme--21162
Tactician, Rasmus Køstner: “We have a really good team, working relentlessly and with good communication internally. Trim wise we also learned som things and two, especially with the downwind trim and rig settings. There are plenty on the plate to work with, but we are really satisfied with the progress”. After the last race, Rasmus had this to say: “Yeah, that was a bummer. In the heat Jes and I somehow got confused – which we never do – and that translated in to a big mistake before we realised it ourselves. I feel gutted right now…”.
The helmsman, Jes Gram-Hansen, was clearly frustrated as well: “We should have been on that podium. We have sailed very well in 18 races and a mistake in the 19th costs us so dearly. I know it sounds unprofessional, but I don’t believe we deserved that”.
1602 Dubai-SAP Extreme--21180
It will take som days to get over this punch, but when the sky clears there is so much positive to carry on with from Act 1 for the team and Act 2 in China is too far away for a team seeking redemption and wants to prove a point.