Tactics, Tyres & Technology

SAP Extreme Sailing Team talk tactics, tyres & technology with Jenson Button & Sergio Perez

Ahead of practice day at the German Grand Prix, the SAP Extreme Sailing Team met with the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team at Nurburgring. The SAP Extreme Sailing team were given the inside track on the tension at this weekends F1 Racing, and a garage tour led by Jenson Button and Sergio Perez to experience the F1 team making the final preparations before practice racing begins today.

The teams exchanged views on the challenges faced by both their sports, safety in sailing and the more recent controversial tyre issue following the series of failures at last Sunday’s British Grand Prix. Jenson talked the team through tactics for the unique track at Nurburgring and use of technology to set and adjust strategies for their racing programmes. For both the sailing team and the F1 team its all about optimizing their performance throughout their respective seasons. Remarkably, Jenson Button and Sergio Perez set aside an amazing amount of time and access to the teams set up at the Nurburgring despite the pressure being on with a back to back racing event.
The original Nurburgring circuit was known as “The Green Hell”, the current track with its mix of corners makes set-up tricky, whilst encouraging close racing and plenty of takeovers. Rasmus Kostner, Jes Gram-Hansen and Pete Cumming are looking forward to being part of the action all weekend and there are more highlights and insights to come from their experience trackside.

The Extreme Sailing Series has a highly competitive and experienced fleet and the SAP Extreme Sailing Team use SAP Analytics to review their performance and look for opportunities to make gains on their race rivals. The SAP Extreme Sailing Team will get to enjoy the F1 experience ahead of preparations for Porto, the next Extreme Sailing Series Act on the 25th – 28th of July.