Nice day at the office!

Day 2 of Act 3 in Cardiff, UK, can be described as a job very well done.

SAP Extreme Sailing Team advanced to 2nd place overall at the scoreboard with Oman Air in front and Alinghi trailing by a single point. The top 4 teams are only separated by 9 points halfway through the event and though anything can happen on race days, one might already look ahead and think this will finally go down to that single last medal race – a nail biter – were winner takes it all. Sounds familiar?


Rasmus Køstner, tactician, was a satisfied man when jumping on to the dock: “The courses were extremely short, so it was more of a physical performance outburst than a tactical one. As a crew, we had just about concluded a maneuver and then we were already starting the next. Not much looking outside the boat for long periods. Very exhausting…”

The race courses were not only in the compact end but the breeze was also heavier than the previous days and that seem to fit the team nicely being second best boat of the day.


“Everything clicked nicely for us, we had good and solid teamwork and no hickups tactically. Very nice day at work…” said Rasmus.

Checkout the scoreboard and remember to watch Live broadcast.