Official statement

Official statement

After the dramatic capsize yesterday afternoon on the penultimate day of racing for this Extreme Sailing Series 2013, the SAP Extreme Sailing Team worked with impressive speed to de-rig the boat and tow it in off the water. Everyone was accounted for on the water and the priority was to get the boat on shore so the damage assessment could begin. It was a late finish but knowing that everyone was safe meant a great deal to this very tight knit, well liked team.

“This morning was all about assessing the damage to the boat and understanding our position in terms of still being competitive in the championship and we, The SAP Extreme Sailing Team have had to accept that these circumstances have rendered us out of the game and off the water.”

Jes Gram-Hansen, Helmsman

“Much as we were enjoying the close rivalry between ourselves and Red Bull and the fact that we could still have pushed onto the podium, we are not prepared to put our guys into an untested situation. Jes and I take very seriously the long-term priorities of the team and our Extreme 40.”

Rasmus Kostner, Tactician

The focus is now on safety and will shift to the long term view, the 2014 series for the team and despite finding the situation hugely frustrating they are reassured and grateful to so many of those involved with the Extreme Sailing Series with the mobilization and deployment of help at the crucial time yesterday and continue to be overwhelmed by all the messages of support on site and via Facebook and Twitter.

The SAP Extreme Sailing team would like to thank everyone onshore and offshore who worked hard to ensure the team was safe and protected while in the water and once they reached the dock. There were some particularly outstanding individuals who left their team and came to assist with the situation and were vital in getting the guys out of the water.

So many thanks to

  • Kent Dalsbo and Renato Conde (SAP Extreme Sailing Onshore Crew)
  • John Barber, David Maria, Paco Quinonero and Charlie Carter (Umpire Boat)
  • Jo Lees (The Wave) &  Joao Cabeçadas and David Nicolls (Alinghi)
  • Experience Worldwide (Nick Houchin & Mark Angell)
  • Andy Tourell & all the staff at the Extreme Sailing Series

To follow the team and watch all the action, the Extreme Sailing Series live streaming will be available at the following times daily throughout the week, go to

Friday 15th November: 1600-1700 BRST / 1800-1900 GMT
Saturday 16th November: 1600-1700 BRST / 1800-1900 GMT
Sunday 17th November Series finale: 1530-1630 BRST / 1730-1830 GMT