Qingdao, here we go!

Its little more than a day till the second act of Extreme Sailing Series begins. All teams are working relentless in their staples to get their cats ready to go and get some valuable training sessions under the belt. SAP Extreme Sailing Team is no exception…

8 teams will line up in Qingdao and the boat to beat will be Team Oman Air, that is on top of the leaderboard after the first act in Oman – their home turf. Apart from the last devastating medal race in Oman, the team (SAP Extreme Sailing Team) faired very well and was always found in the top end of the fleet and is therefore full of confidence going into Act 2 – with the famous chip on the shoulder – and a determined desire to be on the podium after Act 2.

160315 Muscat A1D0-22133SAP Extreme Sailing Team - Muscat Oman 2016 - 026160315 Muscat A1D0-22109

Needless to say that the ever lasting chase for margins also led the team to analyze the races in Act 1 with the SAP Sailing Analytics even more thoroughly with coach Michael Hestbæk looking for both edges and refinements in trim, but also boat handling. And there is confidence that improvements have been made already. Time will tell if this is the case, because Qingdao is not really a venue of stable conditions, more like a pletora of 25 second gusts increasing the capsize-risk immensely and putting the sailors though conditions equivalent of going 8 rounds with a heavy weight boxer.

As helmsman Jes Gram-Hansen explains:

“We have to focus on good starts with correct timing and speed and be on the money with retrimming through the gusts so we can keep balance and a steady pace in and out of the gusts and stay in rythm. From there we have to take it race by race…”

1602 Dubai-SAP Extreme--21180

The weather forecast for the coming days are expected to be partly clouded Thursday, sunny Friday through Sunday with N-NW winds from 8 knots, gusting around 18 knots.

The team will also have a public announcement tomorrow, lifting the skirts of two additional partnerships to the team. Stay tuned.

Follow the Live racing at http://www.extremesailingseries.com