Solid Day 2 is a wrap…

The second day in Hamburg turned out to be a good one, placing the team at 3rd only a point behind Alinghi at the scoreboard.

But it is not just the points total that is satisfactory; The scores for each of the races tells a story of a tenacious push for the podium placing the team at top 3 every race except for Race 8 where an intimate rendezvous with a mark caused the team to drop Down and untangle by knife and a ferocius birthday boy – Renato Conde – leading it. Nevertheless, it was one of those days where things click and plenty of points was put in the bank.

160315 Muscat A1D1-22463

Again, the usual picture is unfolding: Place 2 to 5 are separated by a few points and only Oman Air in the lead are doing the same all over: Leading.

“6 of 9 races in top 3 is a test well passed so far for us; We are satisfied so far. Especially considering the close level of combat we are experiencing in the fleet. The Elbe is not an easy place to sail tactically, so we have to rely on our split second intuition to react to every new challenge out there whether its a wind shift or the fleet” says Rasmus Køstner, in charge of tactics.


Jes Gram-Hansen also had a pleased expression at his face tonight: “That was a good day at the office and in the 10-13 knots conditions every boat in the fleet is a challenge. Putting those numbers at the scoreboard is quite OK”. Asked about the collision with the mark leading to the least scoring race of the day: “We were in heavy traffic and a couple of starboard boats came by and I lost track of the mark and suddenly it was right there – in between the hulls. Hands Down; It was a bummer, but thats just what happens sometimes…”.

Day 3 will start with Race 10 and a slight more breeze is predicted. Let’s cross our fingers for a good run Again…

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