Steady effort on Day 3

6 races on day 3 of Act 5 in St. Petersburg, very light conditions and still in 3rd place overall with 12 points to first place. That is a job well done considering the uncertainties River Neva present.

Very short courses, prevailing winds in the 5-8 knots area scattered unevenly over the race area is what most racing sailor describe as mined territory. A lot can go wrong. Despite the situation in general SAP Extreme Sailing Team managed to put 4 double digit scores out of 6 on the board today, including a convincing 1st place in the last race with over 200 meters to 2nd place before last mark rounding.

What’s not to love by the SAP Sailing Analytics, revealing that the team wasn’t the fastest around the cans, but sailed far shorter than the rest. And for the curious minds, there’s so much quality information about the racing to excerpt from this, in whatever manner you desire.


Helmsman Jes Gram-Hansen was in good spirit crossing the line after a day like this: “I wasn’t happy about the start of today, but after consulting with the guys and the coach, we agreed to be more aggressive and it seemed to work in the last couple of races. I guess day 1’s two premature starts have made me a little too cautious”.

Coach Michael Hestbæk was a little more blunt: “I told Jes to stop holding back in the starts. Time to get back to the aggressive starter Jes… I guess he took the advice”.

160831-SAP Extreme-St. Petersburg-15122LR

Tactician, Rasmus Køstner asked of his impressions of the day: “River Neva is not that hard to figure out. The hard part is getting room for finding your own rythm and track in combination with the puffs within your reach”. Rasmus continues “Getting better starts obviously helps a lot enabling us to take the ways we find suitable. But, honestly, I also think I did a better job than yesterday”.

160831-SAP Extreme-St. Petersburg-14997LR

Eventually the whole act, once again, boils down to the last day – probably the last race, medal race which is a double point score. With top 4 boats on the scoreboard still being so close after 20 races, it looks to be yet another cliffhanger. Watch it live here and results after 20 races is here.

160831-SAP Extreme-St. Petersburg-15059LR