Team announcement 2017

SAP Extreme Sailing Team is pleased to annonce that Adam Minoprio will join the sailing team for the 2017 Extreme Sailing Series and will share helmsman duties with Jes Gram-Hansen. Adam Minoprio will take the tiller in the GC32 Class Championship and Extreme Sailing Series Acts 1,3,4 and 5. The 30-year old New Zealander proved his talent when here become the youngest ever winner of the World Match Race Tour in 2009. He joined Camper ETNZ for the 2011-2012 Volvo Ocean Race, before moving into the America`s Cup as team member on Luna Rossa for the 34th AC and Team France for the 35th AC.

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Jes Gram-Hansen:

I`m extremely pleased to be working together with Adam Minoprio. Adam has shown immense talent throughout his career and I`m sure we will quickly establish a strong relationship, where we`ll benefit from each others past experience with the GC32. SAP Extreme Sailing Team have a tradition for innovation and we believe that the addition of Adam to our core sailing team will help us elevate our goal of winning the Extreme Sailing Series.

On a personal level my decision not to helm the boat in all events in 2017 was of course not easy, given the passion I have for racing on the Extreme Sailing Series. However in the past I`ve learned that taking a step away from the helm can be a useful skill-building tool. This is particularly true when taking into account the limited time available for training with the GC32, due to the tight logistics of the Extreme Sailing Series. I am looking forward to working forward with one of the most experienced GC32 sailors.

Adam Minoprio:

I`m delighted to be working with SAP Extreme Sailing Team for the 2017 Extreme Sailing Series. I`m looking forward to this new adventure with one of the top teams on the Series. Our goal is to be on the podium this year, and l`ll do my best to support SAP Extreme Sailing Team. Now I`m looking forward to join the team in Oman where we`ll tidy up final preparations for the 2017 season.

SAP Extreme Sailing Team also welcomes Richard Mason as new member of the sailing team. Richard will join the team as bowman, where he`ll bring with him much experience from the GC32 Racing Tour, where he has been part of Team Malizia. The 29 year old British sailor has a strong background in dinghy sailing as well as offshore racing.

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Richard Mason:

I`m excited to join SAP Extreme Sailing Team as bowman for the 2017 season. I`ve already spent a lot of time with the foiling GC32, but to race the Extreme Sailing Series as bowman on one of the top teams, will be a highlight of my sailing career. I`ll do my best to contribute to the performance of the team, and look forward to join the team in Oman.

Rasmus Køstner:

I`m extremely pleased that Adam and Richard will join the SAP Extreme Sailing Team for the 2017 season. They`re two highly talented sailors, and I have no doubt that they`ll both bring important know-how to the sailing team, and will play important roles in our ambition to win the Extreme Sailing Series.