The Edge on the Fleet

The heat is on for the SAP Extreme Sailing Team today in more ways than one as they hit the race course later today in Oman Muscat for the second day of Act 2 in the Extreme Sailing Series 2014. Spectators and guests visiting the Almouj Golf Club will be gripped by the racing, as the competing teams will battle it out in 12 grueling races in temperatures reaching 30 degrees.

Despite the intense heat The SAP Extreme Sailing Team, who are competing against 10 other teams of world class sailors, know that to stay ahead of the pack, they need to play it cool and calm when executing manoeuvres today.

This morning Rasmus Kostner commented:

“Today the intensity rises as we go into stadium racing format. Reaching starts and shorter courses makes the race even more challenging and more about positioning and boat speed. We know that yesterday’s result is just the first step on the way and there’s a lot of work ahead to retain a good result here in Oman.

We’ve been consistent with our drills and procedures within the team. Our rigorous preparations to setup for the new racing format should put us in a strong position and support our decision making and staying out of trouble on the race course.

Our team is really competitive and we’re sure we will continue to push even harder today to even the score. We’re pretty motivated to perform well and with the sunshine, sea breeze and good atmosphere on board we are ready to keep fighting on day 2 here in Oman.

Key points for the team today will be to get speed off the start line. Choosing the clean lanes and keep fighting. Our boat speed is very promising and we feel we match the best teams around the course. We are very thankful to Conde del Mare and the great refit they have made leading up to this season.”

The SAP Extreme Sailing Team currently lie in 1st place overall for this regatta and are determined to keep the pressure on.

  1. SAP Extreme Sailing Team 48 points
  2. Alinghi 45 points
  3. Groupama sailing team 45 points
  4. The Wave, Muscat 44 points
  5. ETNZ 43 points
  6. Red Bull Sailing Team 41 points
  7. Oman Air 33 points
  8. J.P. Morgan BAR 32 points
  9. Gazprom Team Russia 25 points
  10. Realteam 22 points
  11. GAC Pindar 16 points