Time for the fat lady to sing

151213_SAP Extreme_ts17701

A whole year of efforts leads up to this final day of Act 8 Sydney, deciding the podium places for not just the Act but also the the Extreme Sailing Series 2015.

The Wave, Muscat is in the lead with 147 points trailed by SAP Extreme Sailing at 144 and Red Bull at 3rd with 131 points. All in all, no margins for failure or mistakes.

The weather forecast is basically TWD 030 – 050, TWS 10 – 18 kn and gusts in the range of 15 – 25 knots, which means perfect conditions for a perfect ending. 

Now, we only have to wait and see what the fat lady sings… Watch the racing live at http://www.extremesailingseries.com/live

Go, SAP, go…! Run simple and run as fast as you can…