Worn with pride

For several years, Sail Racing have been a valuable partner til SAP Extreme Sailing Team supplying the clothing on and off the water.
The dedication to high quality, performance and resilience is the exact same core values that the team and sponsors are striving to keep honoring and the environment of the foiling cats in stadium racing action is a near perfect lab to develop new design, garments and gear.
Sail Racing is basically a very authentic company and that shows, in example, when they do brochure and advertising. All models are actual performance sailors known in the sailing community instead of a catwalk cast that most brands would use. The core product is developed by sailors, made for sailors and branded by sailors. In essence, the credibility is already in place, by design…
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Jes Gram-Hansen, helmsman: “The crew are like test pilots and get to test ideas that may never hit the open market and give feedback to the designers similar to the R&D processes known from many other performance industries”.
Correct clothing is vital in a sport based on parameters like heat/ cold exchange of fabrics, movability, flexibility and resilience of wear and tear. Any performer would like to have a say in this process and any manufacturer would like to have the best possible test environment to get the tweaks out of the product that eventually will hit the market.
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Rasmus Køstner, crew and tactician onboard, puts it very clearly: “It is hard to find any other environment and sport where the clothing gets tested more. Every race have so many maneuvers, that mobility is vital to the end result. A race day is about 4 hours of intense outburst and you barely have time to drink and recharge until next race and if the clothing is an obstacle in that process, it’s back to the drawing board”. After having said that, Rasmus continues with a grin: “It’s kinda like if you run a sprint on an obstacle course in full gear while being hosed down in cold water and at the same blown with full gale arctic winds… Your clothes is suddenly your best friend!”
Obviously SAP Extreme Sailing Team knows the benefits of having such a quality partner as Sail Racing, but asking marketing manager Lars Bolin from the company could reveal other perspectives, so he was asked a couple of questions:
Dividing Sail Racing (SR) in a ‘dry’ and ‘wet’ product line; Will sailors see a complete ‘wet’ product line for both keel boat and dinghy sailors in near future based on the experiences from America’s Cup and Extreme Sailing Series (ie. shoes, wetsuits, harnesses)?
– Today we are focusing on building our 50KTS Race Edition, same gear as the sailors in both AC and ESS are wearing. The line will constantly be developed during the coming years, but the exact items haven’t been decided. It can be shoes or a helmet, a watch or gloves.. It depends on the sailors needs, lead-times and the cooperation with our design dept.
What are the advantages of being involved with SAP Extreme Sailing Team for SR?
Using the team to test our gear in extreme conditions with high speed, warm and cold conditions, wet and dry situations etc. The comments and feedback from the athletes in SAP EST on the gear are crucial for us when developing new products both for the group of extreme sailors out there and for the consumer market.
Also, one thing thats very important for us, is that the guys in the team do a great job in front of the camera. Could we have better and more good looking models?.. 🙂
160429 SAP Extreme_Qingdao_ts15086_LR
The products are very high-quality based and can be used in other outdoor activities such as skiing, trekking etc; Any thoughts of translating yachting experiences into other product lines? 
We have been asked several times to design technical and exteme light garments for skiing. But the soul and heart of our brand is still sailing, extreme sailing in high speed. We believe that we need to keep focus on few things, and do them as best as we can. It´s of course sometimes tempting to do cross-over items.. Still, we know that our items are used for other activities anyway, and we´re happy for that.
Check out www.sailracing.com for all the cool products and feel the pride we wear.