Trifork has been a partner to the SAP Extreme Sailing Team since 2012. Their continued support enabled the start up and launch of team onto the Extreme Sailing Series.

Trifork develops and optimizes business critical IT systems for several sectors: Finance, healthcare, industry, telecom etc. The pivotal point is the need for mobility, flexible access and/or a smooth development approach.

Trifork’s vision is to be at the center of ground-breaking knowledge and bring new and better technology to use when developing solutions for our customers. At the heart of their business Trifork have worldwide software development conferencestraining courses and technological networks.

Trifork’s highly qualified software pilots run projects and develop products within three business areas, i.e. Mobile, Agile and Cloud. Trifork serve customers from  offices around the world and in particular within the sectors finance, government, manufacturing, health and telecom.